Your ideas are far reaching. 
Give your card program wings, too.


Taking your brand beyond the retail shelf

Travel Tags is determined to meet your various fulfillment requirements; from the simple ability of applying a stamp to uniqeu fonts for personalization of a card carrier -- giving any message a special, personal touch and creating a memorable experience! At Travel Tags, Every Card Matters.

Extending your program is easy

Through a variety of fulfillment options, Travel Tags can make a functional program flourish every day of the year!

  • Direct Mail (1:1 fulfillment)
  • B2C based promotion and incentives
  • B2B programs (bulk fulfillment)
  • Store replenishment
  • Turn-key, web-based gift card ordering and fulfillment platform
  • Form personalization
  • Card affixing
  • Inserting & mailing

In recent years, B2C gift card sales have proven to play in integral part for many retailers with an e-commerce presence. To help you kick-off a successful card program, the industry experts at TTI have compiled a Best Pracitces & Recommendations Guide for B2C Online Gift Card Programs. Use this guide for insights and direcation for all types of retailers with a desire to provide a positive online purchasing experience.