Card Packaging

Take your package design beyond the expected


Let us help you securely make your mark.

Travel Tags can help you guard what you value most while maintaining a creative edge that will get you noticed. By offering several levels of specialty packaging, we can tailor any solution for your specific needs. We can help your product stand out at retail whether you are looking for a simple, elegant solution or a secure, tamper evident package.

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Guarding what you value most

Tap into years of experience designing and producing secure packaging for open and closed loop cards.


  • Full library of unique security features that create highly visible evidence of tampering prior to purchase
  • Heat-sealed packaging
  • Multi-panel concepts
  • Automated card feeding capabilities
  • Full camera verification
  • Scratch-offs and security labels
  • Card counters and scanners to verify and ensure data integrity
  • Simple activation options

Market with style and purpose

In a sea of options, draw attention to your offering with attractive packaging that catches the eye.

  • Foils, Glitter or Raised Surfaces
  • Unique Shapes that adhere to standard gift card mall specs
  • 2 and 3 panel layouts that provide greather surface area for your brand design
  • Design recomendations for brand block optimization on gift card malls

The 3 Most Common Styles of Card Packaging seen on a 3rd Party Mall or in-store are:

  • Card on Carrier
  • Card Wrap
  • Secure Pack

Each offer their own style and purpose depending on the usage and placement. We can help you choose the right and affordable option for you!

Multiply your gift card possibilities 

Activation of a multipack is just as convenient for the consumer as a single gift card, as it is designed to active every card in the pack from one code. 
Our completely automated production process guarantees superior packs every single time, giving your brand the best shelf presence possible.

  • Cost-effective packaging for upselling a single gift card
  • Encourages B2B or bulk B2C sales at store location
  • In-demand product around the holidays for on-the-go consumers buying for multiple people
  • Get more eyes on your brand through multiple recipients
Do you have the best shelf presence when it comes to your Multipack packaging? 

Maybe you've seen some of these Common Multipack Packaging Errors in the Marketplace. Yikes! We don't want that for you!
Give us a call and we'll make sure you get exactly what you need to showcase your brand the right way.