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Lenticular Promotional Products

Virtual Images | Lenticular Trading Card Trading Cards
2.5” x 3.5”

Our 3D Trading Cards bring tremendous collectivity and exciting 3D and animated effects to your project, and usually include 4-color process printing on the back side at no charge.

Virtual Images | Lenticular Ruler Rulers
6” x 1.5” & 12” x 1.5”

Fun and Functional! - Our lenticular rulers actually find their way onto your customer’s desks.

Virtual Images | Lenticular Bookmark

2” x 7”

Cool! That is the typical feedback when describing our 3D Book Marks. Thin and sleek, but with exciting imagery, our Book Marks can also be used as rulers.

Virtual Images | Lenticular Coaster

4” x 4” printed both sides

Position your brand right in the face of your target customers! Use Lenticular Beverage Mats as an inexpensive way to get noticed right where your products are sold.

Virtual Images | Lenticular Zipper Pull Zipper Pulls
2”x2” with metal clasp

Our 3D zipper pulls are great for school promotions or sporting events!

Virtual Images | Lenticular Golf Tag

Key/Golf Tags
3” x 3” with attached key ring or strap

Our 3D golf tags are a great promotion for any major sporting event!

Virtual Images | Lenticular Business Card Holder


Business Card Holders
2.75" x 6" with sleeve attached

Use 3D business card holders as an inexpensive way to get noticed right were you do business.

Virtual Images | Lenticular Loyalty Card

Loyalty Cards
2.125” x 3.375”

One of our best sellers - our loyalty cards are collectible, encouraging your targets to retain them!

Virtual Images | Lenticular Direct Mail Postcard

 4” x 6",  5" x 7", & 6" x 9"

Looking for Direct Mail that actually pays for itself? Our 3D Postcards cut through the clutter of today’s crowded mailboxes, encouraging retention, and dramatically raising response rates.

Virtual Images | Lenticular Button

3D Buttons
3” round; pin backing, other sizes available

3D Buttons travel in plain site with their owners, helping you get your message out. These buttons are the highest of quality, featuring exciting imagery and an aluminum pin back.

Virtual Images | Lenticular Tip Card

Tip Cards
3" x 2.5"

Add the excitement of 3D with our tip cards! Catch the attention of your targets, using our inexpensive tip cards.

Virtual Images | Lenticular Garment Tag

Garment Tags
1.5” x 3”

Grab the attention of shoppers with our eye-catching 3D garment tags! Our 3D tags will get you noticed!

Virtual Images | Lenticular Welded Luggage Tag Welded Lenticular Luggage Tag
4.25" x 2.25"

3D Welded Luggage Tags are strong, durable, and eye-catching!
Your brand will get extra attention from bag
tags that really get used.

Virtual Images | Lenticular Luggage Tag

Luggage Tags
2.25” x 4.25”

Our 3D Luggage Tags actually find their way onto your customer’s luggage, golf bags, and business bags! Your brand will get extra attention from bag tags that really get used.

Virtual Images | Lenticular Back Pack Clip
Back Pack Clip
2" x 2" with clip

Position your brand right in the face of your target
customers! Use 3D Back Pack Clips as an inexpensive
way to get noticed!

Virtual Images | Lenticular Keychain

Key chains
2.5” x 1.5” with acrylic case

Key chains always make a strong statement. Convey your marketing message with these quality promotional tools that are sure to be retained by your target audiences

Virtual Images | Lenticular Page Clip

Page Clip
1.75” x 1.75”

Position your brand right in the face of your target customers! Use 3D Page Clip Sets as an inexpensive way to get noticed!

Virtual Images | Lenticular Easel Card

Easel Cards
3” x 5” (other sizes available)

Our easel cards are eye-catching, holding the attention of targets up to 4 times longer than traditional print!

Virtual Images | Lenticular Door Hanger

Door Hangers
4” x 9”

Hang a dynamic message on your target’s doorstep!  Our 3D door hangers are attention grabbing!

Virtual Images | Lenticular Magnet

3” x 3” (call for custom sizes)

When you are competing for the attention of busy people, consider the effectiveness of 3D Magnets. Our magnets dynamically show off a product’s features and are sure to be retained by your target audiences.

Virtual Images | Lenticular Sticker

 3” x 3” (call for custom sizing)

When you want your marketing message to continue selling for you for a long time, consider 3D Stickers. This product is well suited for the covers of notebooks, presentation folders and annual reports.

Virtual Images | Lenticular 12 oz cup 12oz. Cups
Lenticular & Protected Ink

Put your brand in the hands of your customers and watch them use it over and over again. That's the magic of promotional drinkware.

Virtual Images | Lenticular 22 oz cup 22 oz. Cups
Lenticular & Protected Ink

The durable cup wall is constructed to be dishwasher and child safe, making for a memorable, lasting and safe collectible for your brand. Use these promotional items for your next beverage campaign!

Virtual Images | Lenticular 32 oz to go cup 32 oz. To-go Cups
Lenticular & Protected Ink

Virtual Images is the leading provider of high-quality plastic drinkware. We combine innovative lenticular and full color printing with superior creative services and advanced molding capabilities to produce distinctive and durable products.

Virtual Images | Lenticular 32 oz cup 32 oz. Cups
Lenticular & Protected Ink

Perfect for promotions on the go, 32 oz. To –Go cups are
great for educational promotions. These cups are sturdy
and collectible, accessories are also available for this cups

Virtual Images | Lenticular Mousepad Mouse pad
8" x 7" with rubber backer

Our 3D Mouse pads are so eye-catching and unique that they’re shown o more, and held on to longer than conventional mouse pads, helping your marketing message go further.

Virtual Images | Lenticular Journal

3.5” x 5”&  5” x 7”

Position your brand right in the face of your target customers! Use 3D Journals as an inexpensive way to get noticed!

Virtual Images | Lenticular Magnetic Frame

Magnetic Frame
6” x 4” with 2” x 3.5” window

Great for direct mail promotions, or 3D frames are a perfect way to position your brand in front of customers for days to come!

Virtual Images | Lenticular Monitor Strip

Monitor Strip
13” x 1.5”

Our 3D Monitor Toppers are a nice addition to any workstation; and with a 1” adhesive backing, they are sure to stay with your customers.

Virtual Images | Lenticular Fan Pass

Fan Pass
2.5” x 3.5” with lanyard

Lenticular Fan Passes make great giveaway’s at sporting events or concerts. They come with a neck lanyard as shown, which is available in a variety of colors.

Virtual Images | Lenticular Phone Skin NEW! Phone Skins
4.875" x 2.75"

Fun new product for 2014! iPhone skins are a great way to add your promotional message to a frequently used device!

Virtual Images | Lenticular Poster


3D and animated posters bring your marketing message to life.  Get noticed with eye-catching animations, zooms, image flips, and 3D.

Virtual Images | Lenticular Fan

Fans with wooden handle

Add the excitement to your next promotion with Lenticular fans.  Perfect for sporting events and concerts, put your marketing message in your target’s hands.

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