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10 10 2014

"Branding is well steeped in the marketing, design and advertising industries and you hear about it everywhere and let’s be honest, it’s a bit of old news. It’s been the buzzword ever since advertising went a bit cold after the 80′s and 90′s. People needed another way to compete beyond the razzle and dazzle entertainment of advertisements. So branding was born, as a ‘new and better’ way to connect with the people that you want to buy your product."

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10 02 2014

Magazine’s art director stresses animation by Christoph Niemann of traffic in the rain is not a ‘technical gimmick’

Famous for its front page art has unveiled its newest innovation - the first animated cover used by a digital magazine.  The animation called "Rainy Day" was created by a German artist named Christoph Niemann.   Niemann has used animated gifs in the past, including a recent projects for Google Doodles for the first days of summer/winter and a project for MoMA called DESIGN AND VIOLENCE

The New Yorker’s art director, Françoise Mouly, explained to Mashable how it came to commission an animated gif: “We wouldn’t have done it if it was just a technical gimmick. It had to be a good image. The rain one has the graphic quality and the aesthetic quality that meant it was a modern version of a very old fashioned New Yorker cover."  She added: “I don’t want to set up an expectation that from now on it’s always going to be some kind of added web version of the cover. Most often it will stay as it is. I think that’s the most powerful.”

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The Future of Correspondence

08 01 2013

Snail Mail is here to stay, according to the July trend report, “The Future of Correspondence”, delivered by JWT Intelligence. In a progressive wireless society, delivering packages and receiving physical mail sparks a new significance with sensory satisfaction. This countertrend that bypasses thoughtless tweets, texts, status updates and emails is seen as a friendly and authentic form of communication that is still relevant, though perhaps not the most convenient. This report seeks a mix between the physical and virtual realms by adding digital components to real-world mail and translating digital content into physical deliveries.

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