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Lenticular Direct Mail

Our clients cite far greater response rates to lenticular postcards versus conventionally printed pieces.  We offer 3D lenticular, animation effects and full-motion video capture technology, which transform your high-definition video footage into 2D material, perfect for a direct mail piece.

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A recent market research study was commissioned to measure the effectiveness of lenticular print embellishments, relative to equivalent products that did not feature lenticular.

  • The study showed that adding a lenticular graphic to an ad or promotion can be 3 TIMES more effective in grabbing attention than traditional advertising.
  • Results of the study found that lenticular printing can be a POWERFUL addition to brand-building programs. Viewers will spend almost DOUBLE the amount of time engaging with an ad featuring a lenticular image.
  • Brand affinity can increase TWOFOLD, with a boost in brand attraction when a marketing message is conveyed on a lenticular mailer.


We know you’re busy, so how about letting Virtual Images take your complex jobs and make them worry free? Let us be your one-stop-shop for lenticular direct mailing. We offer just about every option under the sun, including:

  •     Graphic Design
  •     Data Management
  •     Addressing/Imaging
  •     Fulfillment - individual or group/bulk
  •     QR Codes
  •     PURLs
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