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03 11 2015


Virtual Images | By Jeff Horst

Walking by the outside of a store I notice a group of people looking at something in the window  The audience is entranced, they’re reaching out and grabbing at what appears to be nothing.  I move closer and see what has captured their undivided attention.  It’s a lenticular large format poster hanging proudly in the store front of a popular sports retailer.  Everyone is instantly mesmerized by elements that seem to be moving and floating off the surface of a printed sign. I too find myself enamored with the experience and before I know it, I’m the one reaching out.  I curiously head into the store to see what they have to offer.

Getting consumers in the store is first step to growing sales and creating a loyal customer.  Our experience has been that lenticular signage creates an engaging experience for the consumer that leaves a positive and lasting impression of your brand.  Being able to draw in a potential customer with animation and depth as they walk by your store and then convert them to an in-store visitor right on the spot is what lenticular does best.

Through large format lenticular and point of purchase signage, you can engage an audience in a new and purposeful way.  As a lenticular designer, I am always fascinated that I too am still drawn in by lenticular signage.  I’ve seen great uses of lenticular in everything from life size signs to small shelf talkers, and all of them consistently grab my attention like nothing else.

People are instinctively drawn to things that move, so adding animation or 3D effects to signage is another great way to drive them toward products of interest.  I look back at the lenticular sign that drew me in and know that many others were also beckoned into the store by the enticing display.

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